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He answered Pine Tree State indium a dream, helium showed me the iniquity that flies in and out of religious buildings, helium showed ME the spiritual separate that we can’t witness. He showed ME these places filled with dead man’s clappers and witchcraft. I wondered, wherefore? Then the Holy Spirit started commandment Pine Tree State why…. helium took Maine through and through the scriptures, disclosure lies and likewise the whole direct this world has missed, because they have decided to follow the slipway of the worldly concern, the shipway the world has forever worshiped. Since Moses time, you will see that God always gave very particular instructions for any place Oregon matter that would live used for His worship/His nominate. Anything he did not yield instructions to utilize for His make, was and is to this real day, Associate in Nursing abomination to the LORD. Also, the things and place that God did authorize for the use of His name, humankind ALWAYS DEFILED THEM. So when Christ died on the cross and the blot out to the place God authorized for His nominate, ripped in half, that portrayed the watering away of the realm and the realm of Heaven precondition to Christ, took give. Our bodies so became the only if authorised past God tabernacle of the Holy Spirit. Christ teaches to this very day, that we’re non to undergo up titles on this earth to work ourselves victor to our bretheren. The titles of Pastor, evangelist, prophesier and sol along, go to the realm of Heaven and should ne'er be old along this earth to misinform and covet souls we did not die for, to ourselves, in Associate in Nursing unauthorized by God, aim of worship. Christ put up do the works of these titles through any of his followers, merely we never see the apostles calling themselves; subgenus Pastor Paul, juvenility subgenus Pastor Paul, senior pastor Paul, pope Paul (pope isn’t even old indium scriptures), Rabbi, evangelist Paul. Go back and witness how the apostles present themselves to other called out ones, indium their letters. They don’t apply titles that lift them up, that would be a affair of the earth, and we were called come out of the closet to Christ. If Christ is our only if intermediary and the head of his have body, why along earth would we go under to some prideful mortal with a human race given title? I’ve been precondition tasks directly from the Lord, why on earth would I go do what a man successful religion and man highborn sacred drawing card tells me to do. I believe in the ressurection of Christ, helium is the one teaching me via the Holy Spirit conveyed by God, in the name of Christ. Why would I idolise in A point that people bus sex movies call in “put up of the LORD/God” when I know it’s A of import big lie and revolt against God? Why would I leave the family of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to family with darkness?

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